Wiring Harness & Installation Kit For 12 Pin Auto Dim Homelink® & Auto Dim Compass Homelink® Mirrors

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This is a new universal wiring harness & installation kit for 12 pin auto dim Homelink® or auto dim compass Homelink® mirrors.  Wiring harness measures 9 feet long & is comprised of three wires (+12 volts hot with ignition on, +12 volts hot always, ground).  Included with the wiring harness you'll also receive Scotchlok-style splices, zip ties & universal wiring information.

HomeLink® consists of three buttons conveniently located on the mirror that can be programmed to operate garage doors, estate gates, security systems, home lighting and other radio-frequency controlled devices. HomeLink® and the HomeLink® House are registered trademarks of Gentex Corporation. 

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