Wiring Harness Kit For 10 Pin Gentex GNTX-313 & GNTX-453 Auto Dim Homelink® / Compass Homelink® Mirror

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Part Number:600016
New wiring harness kit that will work with Gentex GNTX-313, GNTX-453 and other auto dim Homelink® & auto dim compass Homelink®mirrors with the 10 pin plug in the back of the mirror housing. Some Gentex mirrors do not have a "GNTX" series number on the back, but as long as the mirror has the 10 pin plug in the housing, this harness will work with the mirror.

**Note: these will not work on mirrors that have the 10 pin connector attached to the mirror bracket.** Please refer to the picture of the connector that this harness will work with.

You'll receive a new wiring harness (3 wires - ignition, battery & ground), zip ties, wire taps, and installation instructions similar to the kit shown in the picture.  This is not just a short pigtail - rather, it's a full length harness that is around 9 feet long, which is sufficient to reach to the bottom of the dash.  

Please note that this harness is not for mirrors with temperature display and/or maplights.

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