Blind Spot Monitoring Camera mounted on vehicle exterior mirror
Blind Spot Monitoring Camera mounted on vehicle exterior mirror

Universal Dual Camera Blind Spot Monitoring Kit w/7.3" 3-Input Display Rear View Mirror

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NEW Brandmotion universal dual camera blind spot monitoring system.  This includes a 3-input rear view mirror plus two exterior mirror-mounted blind spot cameras, plus the wiring harnesses & installation kit.  Kit fits most vehicles with a standard D-tab/wedge style of mount on the windshield.

A blind spot monitoring system is a great investment in improving the safety of you and those around you while driving in heavy traffic, changing lanes, or merging into traffic. While different blind zone systems work in different ways, they all have the same goal: to help you find out if there's an unseen vehicle in your blind spots.

This system uses two cameras, mounted under your outside rear view mirrors, to watch your vehicle’s blind spot areas. Display mirror connects to turn signal wires in vehicle, when turn signal is on, that respective side of the mirror will show that side camera. With the mirror you can also add a front OR rear camera (additional cameras are not included), that will show full screen, with or without park lines on mirror display.

This mirror is capable of displaying either a single camera feed on its bright 7.3” LCD screen, or dual camera views in split screen mode on two 3.6” side-by-side screens. Either way, you get a new super-large image capability not seen in a rear view mirror before, or the versatility of two display screens side-by-side.

Featuring 3 camera inputs, this mirror allows you to connect not only the two included blind spot cameras, but a third camera as well. You can manually activate the additional camera input using the vehicle's reverse light circuit, a manually wired-in switch or by using a system such as Brandmotion's Curb Alert Park View PRO sensor system that will trigger the display automatically (additional hardware and cameras are not included - for these see our store or contact us for assistance).

This mirror is perfect for incorporating cargo, front, side, or rear camera views to any vehicle.


7.3” Ultra-wide LCD display

3.6” Dual screen view capability

1 Backup camera input

2 Additional video inputs

21:9 aspect ratio

Optional, adjustable park lines

Touch-sensitive soft-keys

Includes programming remote

Standard D-tab (wedge) mount

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