Blind Spot Monitoring Camera mounted on vehicle exterior mirror
Blind Spot Monitoring Camera mounted on vehicle exterior mirror

Rostra Rear View Mirror w/Three-Input 7.3" Widescreen Backup Camera Display & Backup Camera & Two Blind Spot Cameras

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This is a complete backup camera & dual camera blind spot monitoring system includes Rostra's three-input rear view mirror, Multi-Mount backup camera & a pair of exterior mirror-mounted blind spot cameras - everything you need to install the system in your car, truck, SUV, van, etc.

250-8273 Mirror Specifications:

Built-In 7.3" LCD Monitor and Multiple Video Inputs & anti-glare glass.  Featuring a versatile, high-resolution 7.3” LCD screen, this mirror is the perfect for providing drivers with a variety of options for automatically or manually displaying real-time video from the blind spots of their car, truck or SUV as well as from a backup camera. 

The mirror includes options for both Left and Right video displays which can be triggered automatically by the vehicle’s turn signal switch or activated manually as-needed by the driver using an on-screen button. No external relays or camera switching modules are required to activate these inputs. 

The mirror features on-screen parking assistance grid lines to aid drivers when maneuvering the vehicle in reverse by helping to provide an estimated distance to any objects in view of the backup camera using color-coded zones.

The remote control included with the mirror allows vehicle owners to make vehicle-specific adjustments including turning parking assistance grid lines On or Off as well as aligning the grid lines on-screen for increased parking accuracy.

The mirror’s built-in photo sensor automatically dims the LCD camera display screen in low light conditions to ease strain on the driver’s eyes while increasing illumination of the LCD camera display screen during the day to make the screen easier to see in daylight.

Mirror fits vehicles that have a standard D-tab/wedge style of mount on the windshield.

Mounting adapters are available various vehicles - see our store, or send us a message if you can't find what you're looking for!

250-8199 Multi-Mount Backup Camera Specifications:

Camera uses the standard U.S. NTSC video format & will work with just about any display, be it a standalone screen, backup camera display in a rearview mirror, navigation system or head unit capable of displaying a backup camera image.


1/3” CMOS Camera

480 Lines Horizontal Resolution

160° Wide Angle View

Normal / Reverse Image

0.1 Lux Minimum Illumination 

6V to 16V Operating Voltage

Selectable Parking Gridlines (9 Options or None–Default)

License Plate Bracket, Hinge & Tab Camera Mounts

Adjustable Vertical Camera Angle 

Anti-theft Camera Mounting Hardware

16.4’ (5m) Video Cable with RCA Plugs

IP 68 Ingress Protection


Camera: 18mm W x 18mm H x 25.4mm D / 0.71” W x 0.71” H x 1” D

License Plate Bracket: 196mm W x 36mm H x mm D / 7.72” W x 1.42” H 1.375” D

250-8160-BSC Blind Spot Camera Specifications:


Two cameras included

1/4” CMOS color camera

756 x 504 (600 TVL) resolution

150-degree viewing angle

Selectable grid lines

0.2 Lux minimum illumination

6V-16V operating voltage

-20 degrees C to +70 degrees C operating temp

IP67 weatherproof

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