Rostra Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Hinge-Mount IR CCD Backup Camera with 10-Meter/33-Foot Extension Harness

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Retail Price:$450.00
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Part Number:200057
From Rostra Accessories, this is a heavy duty hinge-mount IR CCD backup camera with extension harness. 

Includes a heavy duty stainless steel CCD camera with infrared night vision & 10-meter / 33-foot extension harness. Display is not included.

Camera Specifications: 
Stainless Steel CCD color camera
1/4" camera lens
160-degree wide view
4-pin weather-proof threaded plug
Includes all mounting hardware
Infrared LEDs for night vision
41” pigtail harness
10-Meter / 33-foot extension harness included
Waterproof case with anti-fog lens

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