Rostra Auto Dim Compass Temperature Rear View Mirror w/2-Input 4.3" Camera Display Universal Fit

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Rostra 250-8831 auto dimming rear view mirror with 4.3" backup / auxiliary camera display with DUAL CAMERA INPUTS as well as compass temperature display. 

This is a universal kit that is meant to fit most any vehicle that has a standard "wedge" style of mount on the windshield.

The auxiliary camera input can be manually triggered by pressing the button on the mirror and/or by using the auxiliary camera trigger wire, so you can use this with a front camera, bed camera, side camera, or other camera of your choice (auxiliary camera not included).

Please note that this kit does not include the camera - please see our store, as we have multiple styles of cameras available that will work with this mirror.  

Mirror specifications:

4.3” diagonal TFT LCD display.

16:9 aspect ratio.

Auto-dimming mirror glass for nighttime driving.

Compass & temperature display.

Quick Touch Front/AUX camera view with auto-off.

Dual RCA video inputs with individual triggers.

User-adjustable parking grid lines.

Remote control access to built-in functionality.

Includes wire cover & torx/star drive wrench too!

If you have any questions or need additional information before placing an order, please send us a message on the CONTACT US page on our website. Thank you & have a blessed day!

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