Rostra 1" Spacer for Wedge-Mount Rear View Mirrors

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Part Number:400004
NEW Rostra 1" spacer for use with wedge mount rearview mirrors.  If your replace your OEM mirror and find that the new mirror is too close to the overhead console, or the windshield mount is just too high up on the windshield, or the mirror interferes with the plastic trim cover surrounding the mirror stem that houses various sensors on some newer vehicles (see the 2nd picture for a sample of the black covers that are becoming commonplace on newer vehicle windshields), this adapter is for you!  Please note that this adapter will only work with wedge mount mirrors that have the standard style of mount on the mirror.  Adapter will not work on mirrors that have wedge mount brackets where the mirror connector is attached to the top of the bracket, nor will it work on mirrors that have compass modules attached to the mirror bracket.  

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