Complete Blind Spot System
Complete Blind Spot System

Radar Blind Spot System with Cross Traffic Detection for 2007-2019 Vehicles

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NEW Brandmotion Radar Blind Spot Monitoring System with Cross Traffic Detection for 2007 and newer vehicles.  This is a universal system that should fit most vehicles that have plastic rear bumper fascias (Not for use on vehicles with metal rear bumpers).

The system uses CAN data to accurately obtain vehicle speed and is compatible with all vehicle makes and models 2007-current. Includes all necessary mounting hardware including under rear fascia sensor mounting brackets.

Brandmotion’s OEM Radar Blind Spot System accurately detects unseen vehicles in a driver’s blind spots using radar sensors mounted in the rear fascia of the vehicle and alerts them with a visual warning via a LED indicator light mounted at the bottom of the windshield pillar. An audible alert is triggered if the driver turns on their turn signal and a vehicle is detected in a blind spot. 

System features:

Bright day-night indicators cleanly mount at bottom of windshield trim; no exposed wires

System uses a CAN-wire connection to activate only when vehicle speed is greater than 15 mph

Audible tone and visual warning light alerts driver when vehicle is in blind spot and turn signal is activated

Detection range of approximately 40 feet behind vehicle

Built-in rear cross-traffic alert senses vehicles approaching from the sides (helpful when backing out of a parking spot)

Foam wrapped interior connections eliminate any noise or rattle

System ignores stationary objects - minimizing false warnings

Accurately monitors the lane next to the vehicle without triggering warnings for vehicles two lanes over

Senses everything in size from motorcycles to semi trucks

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