NEW 7 Pin / 7 Wire 16" Pigtail For Gentex & Donnelly Auto Dim Compass Temp Maplight Mirrors

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Part Number:600010
New 7 pin / 7 wire plug & pigtail that can be used on Gentex and MagnaDonnelly auto dim compass temp maplight mirrors.  Pigtails measure 16" long. Connector pinout included. Though not shown in the pictures, the first 10" or so coming off the connector will by covered with black heat shrink tubing for a nice, finished look. 

Pigtail will fit the 7 pin GNTX-208 & GNTX-221 auto dim compass temp maplight mirrors as well as the MagnaDonnelly auto dim compass temp maplight mirrors.  Refer to the pictures for the styles of connectors this pigtail will and will not fit.

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