GNTX-177 Dual Display Compass Temperature Mirror shown
GNTX-177 Dual Display Compass Temperature Mirror shown

Gentex Compass Temperature Mirror + Installation Kit For 2009-2015 Toyota Tacoma Trucks

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This is a Gentex auto dimming rear view mirror with light blueish-greenish Compass & Temperature display that will fit the 2009-2015 Toyota Tacoma trucks that have the factory 14 pin mirror wiring harness in place above the overhead console.  Please note that not all trucks will have the wiring in will need to confirm the presence of the factory mirror harness before purchasing the mirror.  If you are not able to locate the factory wiring, select the appropriate option when purchasing the mirror & we can then substitute the standard wiring harness instead of our custom Tacoma harness (on the standard wiring harness you'll have to make the switched power & ground connections on your own).

Along with the mirror, you will receive our custom Tacoma plug & play wiring harness that connects to the factory mirror harness, temperature sensor, temperature sensor harness & installation hardware. Adjustable wire cover is optional. Please note...this is not completely plug & play - only the power & ground wires are plug & play; you will still have to install the temperature sensor & run the wiring from the sensor to the mirror.  Detailed instructions included.

Mirror is available in the following configurations: GNTX-177 that displays compass & temperature at the same time, GNTX-177 that displays either compass or temperature individually, depending on which button you press on the mirror, OR GNTX-455 that displays compass & temperature at the same time (Available either Used or New).  Select the desired option when purchasing the mirror. 

If you have any questions or need additional information before placing an order, please send us a message on the CONTACT US page on our website. Thank you & have a blessed day!