Black Heavy Duty IR Camera
Black Heavy Duty IR Camera

Factory Tailgate Backup Camera Relocation Kit With Heavy Duty Black IR Camera For 2008-2022 Ford Cab & Chassis Super Duty Trucks

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My truck is equipped with a factory analog tailgate backup camera OR has the factory camera-ready display & chassis harness connector.
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From Rostra Accessories, this is a new tailgate backup camera relocation kit with a heavy duty black IR camera plus a plug & play 15' harness. It's for use on cab & chassis trucks, such as when installing a 5th wheel hitch, aftermarket truck bed, or utility body.  

If you frequently pull a trailer, you can use this kit on your trailer & then just add the appropriate extension cable, which we have available in multiple lengths to fit most trailers. 

Compatible with: 2008 through 2022 Ford Cab & Chassis Super Duty trucks built from the factory as cab & chassis trucks without a bed, and either originally equipped with a factory backup camera system or came with the camera-ready camera system. Not for trucks equipped with the 360 degree camera option.

Camera Specifications: 
Swiveled hinge-mount base
Stainless steel mounting hardware
Manually adjustable lens hood/cover
1/4-inch CCD color camera
130-degree peripheral view
0 Lux nighttime light sensitivity
Infrared LEDs for night vision
IP68 weatherproof rating

Included with the camera is 15' interface harness that connects directly the existing factory backup camera connector under the rear of the truck.  Extension harnesses available in lengths of 2, 5, 10 or 20 meters (6-1/2', 16', 33', or 66').

If you have any questions or need additional information before placing an order, please send us a message on the CONTACT US page on our website. Thank you & have a blessed day!

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