Factory 8" Display Screen Auxiliary Camera Interface For 2014-2019 Chevrolet & GMC Vehicles

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New Rostra 250-8456 auxiliary camera interface module for select 2014-2019 Chevrolet & GMC vehicles currently equipped with the factory 8” screen (RPO Code I05 or I06)See the Compatibility tab for detailed vehicle fitment information.

Important - this will not work on vehicles with the 7" screen & will not work in Buick or Cadillac vehicles. 

This interface will allow you to add multiple cameras to your factory display, such as sideview/blindspot cameras, forward-facing, trailer, or any other camera location that you choose.  If your vehicle doesn't already have the factory backup camera, the interface module will also allow you to add a backup camera too!!

Cameras are not included - see our store for cameras, as we have a variety of styles to fit most vehicles & applications.

Module Features:

Completely plug and play with the factory entertainment system. Module installation takes less than 30 minutes.

Allows connection of four cameras to the factory screen in addition to the OEM backup camera, if so equipped.

Allows monitoring of any connected camera at any time while driving (excluding the backup camera).

Right and Left Blind spot camera inputs automatically triggered by the turn signals.

>>>>This interface will also allow screen mirroring of your Android™ or iOS™ devices!!!<<<<<

Easy to use menus in the factory user interface with operational choices such as English, French, or Spanish language.


Speed-Controlled Forward Camera: A front-facing camera can be triggered to power on automatically when the vehicle is in motion at less than 10 MPH or manually with a long press of the BACK button on the face of the radio.

Turn Signal-Activated Side-View/Blind-Spot Cameras: Side-View/Blind-Spot cameras integrated into the vehicle's mirrors can easily display video from the vehicle's blind spots when the left or right turn signals are active.  Blind spot cameras can also be powered on manually via the touch screen's Camera icon.

Reverse-triggered Bed-View Camera: Real-time monitoring of the bed or cargo area of the vehicle can be achieved using the selectable reverse camera option to display video while on the road or when the vehicle is placed in reverse - an ideal solution for fifth-wheel trailer connectivity.

Rear-View Camera Video Input: The device's rear camera input can be used to add an aftermarket backup camera to vehicles without an existing camera or to display video from a factory-installed camera.  Drivers can easily alternate the function of shifting the vehicle into reverse to display a Bed/Cargo Area or rear-view camera in the factory-style Settings menu.

Mobile Device Screen Sharing: The included HDMI input allows mirroring of an Android™ or iOS™ device's screen directly to the dash of the vehicle while the USB port provides charging of the device when connected.  Audio from the device streams via the vehicle's Bluetooth system, providing an OE feel.

Factory Information Control Overlay: The Rostra GM video interface is a unique system in that feedback for the factory infotainment system like radio volume and A/C controls are available on-screen even when video from a camera or mobile device is active, further adding to the OE-style of integration.

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