Backup Camera Wiring Pigtail For 2015-2021 Ford F150 Trucks Equipped with Standard Manual Tailgate

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New 6 pin female aftermarket backup camera wiring pigtail that will fit the 2015-2021 Ford F150 trucks equipped with the factory backup camera option and with the standard manual tailgate option (WITH GREY 12 PIN CONNECTOR) and is for use in situations where you need to replace the factory backup camera with your own aftermarket camera. Male (chassis harness side) pigtail also available - make the appropriate selection when placing the pigtail in your cart.
Pigtail is made using an OEM connector & TXL automotive grade wiring & measures 16" long & will have four wires for camera power & ground and video+ and video -. Pigtail plugs into the factory camera chassis harness connector at the rear of your truck (does not plug into the camera itself). Optional 24" and 36" lengths available, select when purchasing.  Contact us for custom lengths.

If you need a pigtail with all 9 wires in place (same as the factory connector) to repair a damaged factory tailgate connector, select the appropriate option when purchasing the pigtail.

Listing is for the pigtail only. Camera is not included. Wiring pinout will be provided with the pigtail.

If you have any questions or need additional information before placing an order, please send us a message on the CONTACT US page on our website. Thank you & have a blessed day!