Auto Dim Compass Temperature OnStar® Mirror w/2-Input 4.3" Camera Display Upgrade/Replacement For 2003-2010 Hummer H2 H3 H3T

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This BRAND NEW Rostra auto dim mirror with OnStar® and compass & temperature display for your Hummer H2, H3 or H3T also has a large 4.3" camera display screen with inputs for a backup camera as well as a 2nd camera!

Mirror kit is being sold in three variations, be sure to pick the appropriate selection from the drop down list based on the following criteria:

Option 1 is for Hummer H2, H3 and H3T trucks that were equipped from the factory with the rear view mirror that had the backup camera display in the glass, where the glass has developed issues such as black spots, streaks or graininess and/or where the backup camera display quit working.

Option 2 is for Hummer H2, H3 and H3T trucks that were equipped from the factory with the rear view mirror that had the slide-out camera display, where the display either quit displaying an image and/or no longer slides out from the mirror housing.

Option 3 is to upgrade the mirror in Hummer H2, H3 and H3T trucks that had the factory auto dim OnStar® mirror with compass & temperature display, so as to add backup camera display capability.

Cameras are not included.  We have many different cameras available, please see our store or contact us for a recommendation.

Mirror specifications:

Large 4.3” diagonal TFT LCD display with 16:9 wide-screen aspect ratio.

Compass & temperature display (in degrees C or F) (NOTE: mirror has the "hidden" style of display so when on, the compass/temp display appears to float behind the glass).

Auto-dimming mirror glass reduces glare for nighttime driving.

Quick Touch auxiliary camera view with auto-off.  Allows you to view the auxiliary camera connected to the 2nd input with the touch of a button.

Dual RCA video inputs with individual triggers - backup camera & auxiliary camera.

Auxiliary input can be used with a forward-facing camera, blind spot camera, cargo camera or trailer camera, and can be further expanded with a multi-input camera switcher, available separately.

Integral OnStar® buttons.

User-adjustable parking grid lines (lines can be turned off if desired).

Remote control access to built-in functionality.

Includes wire cover & torx/star drive wrench too!

Custom adapter harness included too. No cutting or splicing of the vehicle wiring is required for installing this mirror - just unplug & remove the OEM mirror & replace it with this one!!

If you have any questions or need additional information before placing an order, please send us a message on the CONTACT US page on our website. Thank you & have a blessed day!

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