Aquatic AV WR6 Standard Marine Gauge Size Wired Waterproof Marine Remote Control

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Aquatic AV WR6 Standard Marine Gauge Size Wired Waterproof Marine Remote Control.

Product Description

The WR6 2-way waterproof marine remote control is a high quality, robust and durable waterproof remote control, designed and built to withstand the harsh conditions associated with use in marine and boat applications.

Designed for use with waterproof Aquatic AV CP6 and MP6 marine stereos, the 2-way waterproof remote control mounts flush onto a flat surface and requires an extension cable (sold separately).

The WR6 waterproof remote control allows for 2-way communication with the marine stereo – so you can control your system remotely while viewing song, track and other system information on the back-lit LCD screen.

As with all Aquatic AV products we only use high quality materials to construct our waterproof marine remote controls to provide a durable, long lasting and great sounding addition to your waterproof marine stereo system.

Type: Fixed, Wired 2-Way Remote Control
Color: Black
Waterproof: Yes – IP65 & CFR46
LCD: Yes
Power Requirements: 12V DC, 50mA (off stereo)
Standby Power: 0.3mA
UV Protection: ASTM D4329, 500hrs stable
Salt/Fog Protection: ASTM B117, 500hrs stable
Outside Diameter: 92mm
Surface Depth: 25mm
Cut-out Diameter: 76mm
Mounting Depth: 28.8mm
Accessories: Extension cables (sold separately): 3ft: EXT-3, 24ft: EXT-24, Y-cable/splitter: AQ-Y-1
Additional Features: Polished Stainless Steel Bezel

2 year warranty

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