10 Pin Wiring Pigtail For Gentex GNTX-533 Auto Dim or Compass Auto Dim / GNTX-536 & GNTX-1124 Auto Dim Compass Homelink® Mirrors

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10 pin / 4 wire plug & pigtail that can be used on Gentex GNTX-533 auto dim or compass-auto dim or GNTX-536 and GNTX-1124 Homelink® auto dim or compass-auto dim rear view mirrors that have the 10 pin connector attached to the mirror bracket.  May also work on other Gentex mirrors that have a 10 pin connector attached to a cable coming out of the back of the mirror, such as the GENK8A, GENK80A, and GENK85A, among others.  

IMPORTANT: Gentex has two different pinouts of the 10 pin connectors - one variation is used on Hyundai/Kia mirrors and the others is used on Toyota/Lexus mirror (and some aftermarket Gentex mirrors from Mito Corp). Select the appropriate pinout when purchasing the pigtail.

Pigtails measure 7" long & include 4 wires (ignition, battery, ground & reverse - this last wire is optional).  

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